A MicroAdventure with son no.1 – gallery

A gallery of images from my microadventure prior to Christmas with my son. Continue reading


A MicroAdventure – under the stars with son no.1

Twas the weekend before Christmas.

Thanks to me(!) son no.1 has always spent time in the outdoors. So for Christmas I kitted him out a little further with a view to us spending more time out and exploring the joys of MicroAdventures together.

Earlier in 2014 he spent his first nights in a hammock and had enjoyed that but this would be different. Continue reading

The woods have ears – 22/365


A random one today from the archives. I enjoy the wonders of fungi. Many and varied, they can create interesting images. Whilst it is said that all fungi are edible once, there are far fewer that you would want to eat. Although these are edible, they are not one that I have tried yet. Generally, they are viewed as having little taste and a somewhat rubbery texture.

One day though.

With a variety of common names including “Jews Ear”, “Jelly Ear” and “Wood Ear” they are normally found growing on dead wood.

Latin Name: Auricularia auricula-judae