A year of microadventures

MicroAdventure – a what?

I love the outdoors. Getting out and doing things. You wouldn’t think that at the moment.

Out of shape, unfit and over weight.

I’ve let those things slip and not only do I need to get back into shape, get fitter and loose some weight I need to get back outdoors more. Be it biking, walking or something on the water such as kayaking or canoeing that can be combined with sleeping out.

In years gone by I would spend many a night outdoors just with my sleeping bag. Normally with friends, we would often be besides a river, on a beach or taking shelter under a bridge. Watching the night sky away from the light pollution thrown out by city streets you would see a much richer night sky. And to watch a meteor shower such as the Perseids in the summer would be an experience to relish!

I was introduced to microadventures thanks to Alpkit.com. A supplier of outdoor kit, I came across the term on their site while reading about bike packing. Curiosity and intrigue getting the better of me as usual, I was led to Alastair Humphreys.

Website        Twitter

A true adventurer, he’s been around the world. Travelling on foot, by bike or on the water, Alastair seems to have done it all and been everywhere. However, he’s also a realist and recognized that not everyone with a sense of adventure can spare many weeks or months to set off on some grand voyage. And so microadventures were born.

These can be almost anything, they are what you make them and what you want them to be. It could be a simple night on a hill, under the stars. It could be from your front door, travelling across town for as long as you can make time to travel, discovering new things along the way and seeing how far you can get.

Microadventure is the hashtag that can be applied to these tales of daring do. A label for something many have always done but labels are not always bad. For it allows you to find others regaling their stories of freedom and fun. While my partner thinks I’m mad to leave a warm house and comfortable bed (and herself!) it has shown that I am not alone. Indeed there are many and groups are forming ably pushed on and encouraged by the man himself, Alastair.

In encouraging people to get out, Alastair has devised challenges. New for this year is the “Year of MicroAdventure” and he has produced a simple calendar with a fresh idea for each month.

A calendar created by Al Humphreys

A calendar created by Al Humphreys

Hi-res version available here

The calendar comprises suggestions for each month. It’s not set in stone, they are only suggestions. It’s simply to encourage people to get out.

To stop making excuses and to go for it!

Other ideas and thoughts can be found on his site here and the site has a wealth of information, inspiration and aforementioned stories of daring do.

Search Twitter and Facebook to find people and groups out there doing things.

Give it a go, you might enjoy it!

Follow me through the year on AndysWanderings as I head out on my microadventures.

If you want to give it a go and want some company, why not get in touch?

What will you do this year?


3 thoughts on “A year of microadventures

  1. That is a great idea. I have so many plans for this year and I know that some of them will probably have to wait a little bit longer. But as long as I keep working on them, they will eventually become reality…


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