2015-01-25 16.29.08

I took the chance late this afternoon to head to a local country park and see what was around the Ingrebourne Valley. It attracts a wide variety of wildlife and birds. I like to visit late as the sun is going down as there are owls around, in particular Barn Owls.

It was a good night tonight and I was rewarded with a flypast by a Sparrowhawk, a distant Buzzard and to finish the day off the Barn Owl. It was fortunate timing as I happened to spot him swooping along behind a hedge before perching in a tree near his nest. After resting for a moment he then lifted him/her self across to the nest. In fading light (as ever) and at distance (always!) it wasn’t the clearest of views but distinct nonetheless. And as always, seeing the Barn Owls strikes a chord and leaves a feeling of satisfaction.

At least three Water Rails were also heard. As elusive as ever, I still haven’t spotted one in the Valley. Ring Necked Parakeets suddenly seem more numerous in recent weeks. Over the last few months I’ve started to visit often of an evening but it’s only this month I’ve started to see and hear them. They provide a colourful splash that is often welcome.


Reflections – 25/365

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