It has so many connotations.

Where you live. Where you feel at home. Where you were born.

People often say “home is where the heart is”.

Is it really a place?

An environment perhaps?

Is it down to the people you are with?

I saw an interesting post here.

Lance talks about being born in London while his parents are from Yorkshire and Scotland. While he lives currently in Hampshire in the south, home is “probably Perth, although it could be Sheffield”.

Often, I’ve considered myself to be on the wrong side of the country. I always feel at home in Cornwall. In particular around Looe and Polperro. I don’t get to visit often enough as it’s such a distance for me but when I do, I always feel like I’m heading home. To where I belong. Though I’ve never worked out quite why?

I think it’s because I’m simply outdoors in a wonderful environment. There are hills and open spaces nearby but I’ve got the amazing Cornish coastline to explore both upon and beside the sea. Not being a large place, I’m “out of town” which is never a bad thing!

While many places I head for to spend time outdoors such as Wales or the Peak District generate those feelings of homeliness, they are not the same as when I head to Cornwall.

I wonder if the other places I visit would feel the same if I actually moved and lived there. Would those feelings of homeliness change and go away? One day I may get the chance to find out.

Home though is Essex. I’ve been around a lot of it over the years and having grown up I struggle with the thought of moving away. So many special places with special memories. I’m sure if I ever got the chance to move I would and would soon adjust.

Moving doesn’t change or take away the memories. They will be with me forever.

So, where is home for you?


4 thoughts on “Home?

  1. Home is a strange thing for me. I belong to a minority, so my country is not really welcoming me(us). My town could be my home I only felt like an outsider here. I moved to London and the feeling of being an outsider just stayed with me.Moved to Shanghai. Same there. Where do I feel at home? When I am with people I am close to. It can be wherever.And strangely, just like you, i feel at home on some random places. Some of them I haven’t even visited yet and I know that II will like it.

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  2. I often describe myself as a homing pigeon as I love to return to my home town, Darwen, England. But I easily call places I’m staying for a night or two ‘home’ as well – a resting place is a wonderful thing.

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  3. I know exactly what you are talking about. I had this feeling for such a long time and then we (my husband my son and myself) did this huge move and I tell you, you get to feel home. Although you only ever visited, when it feels you belong and you get kind of homesick than it might as well be the place you belong. We live here now for more or less 10 years and I never had this longing again. I feel like I have arrived.

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  4. I so identify with your wonderings. For years my spirit has been pulled to Ireland, which is a puzzlement to me as I’m fairly sure my family is from England, the Cornwall region actually. I need to get a DNA test done to verify that, but family genealogists seem to think so. And like you, I’ve wondered if those feelings would fade or intensify if I were to go there. I’m hoping to find out in 2017 when my husband retires. Great post.

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