It never ceases to amaze me the people that I meet and, importantly, where I meet them!

  • I can be in the middle of nowhere
  • It can be the middle of the night
  • It can be dreadful weather
  • And it can be all of the above!

Someone will appear.

It’s times like this that I find I meet interesting people. People who have knowledge, a tale to share and time to give.

For instance, on a couple of occasions now I’ve been some distance from town on a beach or a remote part of the coast and each time late at night people have appeared.

There was a group of kids on a hike. Since they were heading towards town they must have been walking for hours when they went past me. They woke me up with their noise but we didn’t talk as they kept on going. I would have liked to know from where they had come and for how long they had been walking. More recently on a night with a bitterly cold wind I was about to climb into my sleeping bag when a guy appeared with his dog making me jump in surprise. It felt quite surreal as again, with the direction he came from he had walked miles and still had some way to go. We spoke though and he said he did the walk reguarly. He was surprised to find me there but could understand why I was there. That was the allur of the area, the isolation and remoteness it induced.

I’ve met people from all walks of life and other parts of the world too. A New Zealander I recently met, who had lived locally for several years, offered a lot of knowledge about the river we were besides as well as some interesting hints on places to sleep. A retired guy I once came across, since moving to the area had made it his mission in life to not pass people without saying hello. Since I was out with my camera he had many questions about it and my thoughts on photography, also offering some insight about other local places that may be of interest.

In meeting these people there is much to be learnt. In a sense, meeting people in these more remote places provides a lot more interaction than many of those in day to day life living in the rat race. For many, a lot of what goes on around them simply passes them without a thought or a care. A different and narrow view of life that allows them to live in their own bubble.

Enough of this for now though.

There is a big world out there, people to meet, things to see, places to go and lots to do. A life waiting to be lived!

What interesting people have you met or what unusual place have you met someone?


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