Project 365: A Photography Challenge

So, Project 365, a picture every day.


  • A test of creativity?
  • A personal challenge?
  • A record in pictures?
  • Because I can?
  • Because I want to?
  • Or do I need to?!

Perhaps all of the above?

I’ve dabbled with photography for many years. I tried with film. Didn’t enjoy the time or cost of film. I then got a Canon EOS 20 D back in 2006. I bought one good lens, a Tamron, and was blown away by the quality of the images I could capture. But then I wanted something wider. Something longer. Oh, I mustn’t forget I need a macro!

I didn’t get any. Lenses cost money that I didn’t have.

Son, priorities, life. I wouldn’t change that for anything though!

The 20D still does a good job, a great job, but it’s used sporadically in fits starts. A subject will leave me feeling inspired and I’ll pursue it until satisfied or creativity is feeling exhausted.

A picture everyday? Really?

I struggle along in fits and starts and I want to now capture and publish an image every day?!



My conditions/rules/terms –
I must try every day to capture a new image
I’m not perfect, life may get in the way at times
I may slip up but I really must do my best to not let this happen
If I do slip up, I must still use an existing but meaningful image of my own
Most images will be on my phone, not the 20D. Not yet at least!

So I started on the 1st January 2015 and now have to catch up with publishing them and then keep up.

I’m hoping this challenge will force me to think creatively and search out form, texture and colour on a daily basis and see “moments in time”. To really pay attention and see what is around me as I live each day.

To not let each day simply pass by.



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