Images from: A night under the stars – 13/12/2014

A gallery of selected images from my #Geminids #microadventure.

The pictures are from my phone as my camera battery had unfortunately died. The frosty ground shot is simply to illustrate the cold and was from where I had slept!

After a cold night I had ventured to the Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex. A great place with character for some pictures capturing the warmth of the sunrise. It’s an area close to my heart where I feel at home. The chapel itself has a long history and has its own website

As you move along the coast from here you are truly at the end of the road. It can feel a remote and desolate area for those used to suburbia.

I will be back.

To read the story behind these images please follow this link:


2 thoughts on “Images from: A night under the stars – 13/12/2014

  1. What beautiful light you’ve captured here! I tend to see my phone’s camera as a last resort too, but often the pictures are just as nice in their own way as those taken with a ‘proper’ camera.


    • I think of it as a different lens. While some will use specialist lenses for effects like a fish eye or tilt & shift lens, a phone is just another option. It’s also very convenient!

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